He is,
– outspoken about narcissistic, abusive parenting (so don’t be one)
– a supporter of land reform in our country*
– sometimes rash and immature in his thinking
– but never-the-less a ponderer of deep thoughts
– a BLENDER enthusiast
– and by extension a believer in an “open source” 2.0. Civilisation
– a landscape photographer and video editor
– an amateur musician (drummer, to be precise)
– certified to be at least 27% human
– a wrangler of nodes and words.

He is Mrofnoctonod, an anagram for “do not conform”.

These are his thinkings:

*with 300 years of forced eviction and forced menial labour imposed by our reigning economic elite (including middle classes, otherwise known as the “2%”, vis a vis YOU AND I, you understand), you will find yourself hard-pressed to win me over to a camp that does not include some form of redress and repayment for 3 centuries of whole communities being enslaved while being denied access to ground, education, or dignity.
But fear not.
There is a whole blog waiting for you to be incensed by…