Once upon a time I gave a fuck. I really did.
I believed whole-heartedly and unreservedly in the dignity of mankind and I gave my all to love and to serve and to protect. I chose my words carefully and I tried hard not to offend.
Now I have no more fucks to give, and there is one reason for it.

“Rent Seeking”

I find myself living in a reality dominated by willful ignorance and apathy of a consumerist majority, and a rent-seeking mentality amongst a narcissistic elite, of which I don’t approve of. Worse yet, the rent-seeking is hidden from view by the bold-faced lies of marketers and politicians – public servants who are supposed to cherish humanity and work for its betterment, and who are supposed to know better and act accordingly.

Instead, with cunning and conniving, the politicians and the elite play word games with us while all the while, our planet and our children are being sold down the river on a rapidly accelerating path to oblivion, in the pursuit of unconscionable profits which demonstrate with outward riches that “successful”  players have “arrived”, to sit at the “big boys’ table” where the real decisions are made.

The immoral, deceitful fuckers barely register that they are puppets in the hands of even bigger boys, but no one seems to care. With Range Rovers and  Patek Philippe watches and Mont Blanc pens and trophy bitches, with stock options and off-shore banking accounts, the “new kings” get to feel important for a while.
…at our expense.

So, now I don’t care.
and I certainly do not conform.
Hence the anagram…
#mrofnoctonod = donotconform#