The white, church-sanctioned system known as apartheid has left many deadly, festering wounds in South Africa, the worst of which is the rotten thinking it inspired.

Its chief architect, HF Verwoerd, once described it in a television interview as “nothing more than good neighbourliness” but off-camera, trained police dogs and racist white security forces were used to violently enforce the divides.

Today, white South Africans are still infected. When the electricity goes off because of the monopolistic, state-owned power utility’s inability to generate enough for the country, whites take to social media saying “they” can’t run anything…how could “they” think “they” would have the competence to do so? And other such bullshit racist statements.

Who the fuck is “they”? And who the fuck was it who thought a white-owned, state-run, monopolistic, power utility was a smart idea in the first place?

Racism is still very much alive and well in the “new” South Africa. I was vocal as a white liberal teenager in the 1980’s and I will remain vocal till the day I die.