The “Prog Hog” is a multimedia labour of love made in appreciation of the outstanding contributions of “real” musicians to the world’s body of “real” music, and originally conceived during our country’s hard lockdown, back in April.

Born out of my love for progressive rock and metal, this and future “HogCasts” will focus on the ecosystem and body of work of the amazingly hard working and under-recognised musicians that is loosely defined as the progressive rock community. Although not every track I play will feature a mellotron, or be 27 minutes long, or have 73 and a half different time signatures, each one will be worthy of inclusion, I promise.

Be warned…. The Prog Hog is not everyone’s cup of meat.

It includes prog metal and will occasionally feature music with dark lyrics that may be disturbing to sensitive souls. Also, it features flashing lights that may be triggering to those who suffer from epilepsy, etc.

Finally, I have strong views on the legilisation of marijuana, on corruption and criminals, and on politics in general so be warned that I do wade into viscous topics.

If you have an open mind and are open to receiving a musical education, I know you’ll find value in these pod casts, so welcome! Here is the very first one.