Because everyone is talking and writing about it, and now finally I have something to say…

So. It turns out a Dutch or German (there is some whatsapp speculation about the person’s nationality) wine journalist has tested positive for the Coronavirus.

This journalist has apparently visited every wine estate in the valley I live in.

This means every person who interacted with the journalist is now a potential human atom bomb (with a <4% kill rate, anyways…). I get that Covid-19 is a new(er) strain of the common influenza, with a greater impact on susceptible people with compromised immune systems, and/or the elderly and infirm, and so, according to many in the know, is not any different, or more of a health risk than the common flu.
But obviously, in spite of that there is a lot of hype and hysteria rolling about right now.

And this is my only thought:

Living in one of the world’s most beautiful, best-loved and well visited tourist destinations has its pros and cons. Right now, obviously, the biggest con is the fact that it is probably the most obvious location for incoming threats from abroad, as has been evidenced by the news above.

The beautiful places attract the most visitors, right?
So now would be a great time to live in a dump like Secunda, or in Putsonderwater, or to spend your time hanging around the budget processed meats* section at the local Shoprite Checkers, if you really feel the need to mingle with people.

*If Polony can’t kill us, what chance does the flu have?