This is day 6 of the Coronavirus 21 day lockdown attempt of the South African government and people, in an effort to minimise/halt the spread of the virus.

Here is some music to help preserve your sanity

I’m Paul Andrews (aka “mrofnoctonod” which is an anagram for “donotconform”) and I’m an introvert creative junkie with a million different things I can turn my attention and hands to at any given moment. I spend months in isolation because I actually like it.
This “lockdown stuff” is easy for me, but I realise it’s not so easy for many others who are nothing like me. People who need people around them.
So, since we all like music, here is something to keep us occupied, entertained and hopefully also educated. I’m not a medician, I’m barely a musician, but I am a recording technician. This “something” to keep us occupied is a playlist of music – a mix tape of sorts, and you’ll find it in a media player towards the bottom of this blog post.

I’m also not afraid of the sound of my voice, and since I have the perfect face for radio, well, this folks is it.

Here’s today’s playlist with a few comments scattered, followed by the playlist itself.

****Program banner:::I.Q. Knucklehead
“And I can’t go outside
any time of any day”

Everything Everything – Kemosabe
St Lucia – Elevate
Big Scary – Harmony Sometimes
The PB Underground – Little Man
I love drumming along to this track. It is infectiously bouncy

Dillon Francis – we make it bounce
Because bouncing is important
Kele – First Impressions
Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello – Señorita
The Cat Empire – The Wine Song (Especially for Chez)
Tash Sultana – Synergy
Marillion – Lucky Man (Demo Arrangement)
“Some of us won’t leave the house for days”

The Soft White Sixties – Sorry to say
Dave Brubeck Quartet – Take Five
Afro Jack – The Spark
Karmakanic – Let in Hollywood
Swedish Prog Rock band – worth checking out

Daft Punk – Get Lucky

****2nd talky talk VOICEOVER:::North Atlantic Oscillation – Hymn
“Someone calls and I answer.
Someone calls and I answer.
I can stop a complete disaster”

Bastille – Laura Palmer
Cardiacs – Is this the life?
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Cardiacs.
They are an intense band out of England that play a technical punk/ska/mathrock genre-busting style of music, with this track recorded in 1988 (I kid you not) to which they have remained solid for decades and which they execute flawlessly live.
I hated punk.
I’m still not a fan.
BUT the Cardiacs…

Field Music – The Noisy Days are Over
Villagers – Everything I am is yours
Wye Oak – Shriek
Nothing but Thieves – Six Billion
Love Nothing but Thieves. Incredible voice!

Moongarden – Solaris
Italian progressive rock band pays homage to Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” which has pretty much been the gold standard for emotive, wailing, Fender Stratocaster-driven, guitar solos for decades. (there are new crown-wearers now, but each one is aware of how David Gilmour created the niche).
In this particular instance it’s a few minutes of song before the big solo finally cuts loose, and believe me, it’s worth waiting for.
no such thing as destiny. only choices exist“.

Arno Carstens – Sielle loop sielloos
I’ve photographed Arno lots and been in rehearsal rooms and around stages all over South Africa shooting him, but only recently did I learn he had an Afrikaans album (Aandblom 13).
It’s really good.
It’s what Afrikaans music could be if its musicians had more imagination.

Chicago – 25 or 6 to 4
Billie Eilish – Bad Guy
I Absolutely adore every track on this album, and pretty much anything this young lady does. I wish I had been as confident and self-aware at her age as she is.

Nightcrawlers – Lift me up and Britney – Scream and Shout
Virginia Coalition – Walk to Work
Orla Gartlan – Human
Jack Johnson – Don’t believe a thing I say