Ssshhh, he shooshed her.
This is my favourite part.

They were sitting in his lounge – a plush suede olive couch, rock hewn walls, downlighters, and glass for an expansive view over the apple orchards and vineyards, and in the distance, the blue mountains, and further still behind them, the setting sun.

A song had been playing a bit too loud for politeness, she thought, plus, it was quite harsh and jarring, and a bit shouty. But then it had calmed suddenly down and now Daniel Thompson’s voice resumed singing out again, from the speakers in Adam’s lounge.
“I can breathe again
I choose to never let go
Or lose control
See through the sights of a rifle
Live through the eyes of a child
Walk through the mind of a minor to extol”

Then she heard it.
His voice raise to the heavens.
Set free to swoop and swell.
She sensed the singer’s swooning cry of release and trust, and was transported with it.
Felt her surrender to its flow.
It was something purer and more keenly felt than anything she’d felt in music for a long time, she realised.
She understood.
A single tear rolled down her cheek.

He took her hands in his.

“I must change change because I’ve been chasing shadows” Adam whispered along with Daniel.
“Change, immersed in the night”
Then he stopped singing and moved closer to her than they had sat in months.

I’m so sorry, he said.

She knew she loved him right then.
For real loved him, not like before.
At that moment right there.

Tesseract – Phoenix 2015

I don’t know about you, but that’s what music does for me.

That’s why music matters.