Just when I thought it couldn’t become more fantastical of a spectacle.

The world’s most narcissistic, self-image-and-ratings-obsessed human being says we should drink or inject ourselves with this.
In case you’re confused about who I’m talking about…
(hint, it’s not a Kardashian)

Then comes out and LIES. “I was being sarcastic”

He told a LIE. To the whole entire world.

Do you want to know what my mother says about liars?

How dumb are we as a civilization that we continue to catch this man out telling LIES, and continue thinking, “no, it’s ok. He’s a good leader.”


How does anyone think it is still a good idea to give the man one of these?

I don’t know. I’m almost at a loss for words.
How is it that political systems fail the electorate so hopelessly that we get saddled with incompetent personalities like our own dearly beloved Jacob Zuma (yes, we will not forget and we will not let him off the hook.
Mr Showerhead probably thinks drinking paraffin – a more readily accessible ingredient at Nkandla now the electricity and water is switched off to save up for his legal costs – is a perfectly reasonable alternative, no doubt )….but I digress.

How is it we have political systems in this world that can give us a Zooma or a President Bleachinator?

How do these slimy individuals slither their way through the cracks, all the way to the top. And then, why on earth do we allow them to stay there?

All I can say is that I mean with the utmost sincerity and complete conviction the following words…

Dear Mr Trump,

Thank you for putting on display your privileged and shielded childhood, for the world to see. Your utter ignorance of how dangerous disinfectants are to the human body demonstrates for me the complete disconnect with reality that your life is and has been.

That you went to boarding school at the New York Military Academy frankly astonishes me.
In our country, going to any form of military establishment for any sort of training for any period of time, quickly included a thorough familiarisation with the art and science and DANGERS of CLEANING things. Chemical things. Brush things. Polish things. Time spent in toilets and on knees on floors, shining things.
I don’t know what military academy you went to…

Irrespective, I and millions others around the world sincerely hope you are going to take your own advice, because I don’t think this world can withstand another four years of you.

Your ratings-obsessed-stream-of-consciousness-rants at the coronavirus briefings, at a time when you should be expressing sincere, humble, thoughtful leadership for a scared and hurting population reveals more than anything else, your absolute and total Donald-Trumpian-focus. What spews out your mouth when you go off script, briefing after briefing, is tantamount to a 2 year old throwing a tantrum on the floor of a supermarket, only far less adorable when the subject wears a suit and holds the keys for the nukes, and isn’t supposed to be behaving like he’s 2…

Help me understand here.
After being unable to come up with a coherent strategy for coordinating federal support for states and counties, the president of a country…

Tells its people…
To protest against the authorities, who are doing the frontline things he has no clue about.

.. it is a frankly lurid and distasteful and vulgar display of your utter emotional ineptitude and management incompetence for the immense, deep task ahead, at a time when you should be demonstrating empathy and connection with all tiers and ranks of society. But instead it’s all about you.


Take the advice of your aides, and take your privileged self, or follow your own medical advice, and Go, Away.



…to not use profanity when discussing this man.
Not even Ghandi ever had to exercise this much self-control.