Because they make it sound so easy and simple, when in reality it’s not.

In a deceptively simple sounding song:

…Jeff Friedl executes and holds a very simple sounding snare drum roll with one hand, all the way through the song while using his other hand for hi-hats, cymbals, etc.

But that simple-sounding snare is nowhere near as simple as it seems if you don’t practice your drum rudiments… a LOT. The one-handed control needed to pull that off flawlessly is beyond the reach of an amateur like me with a job. In order to play it I have to “hack” the pattern with two hands while still trying to stay free enough to do the hi-hat and cymbal work, but something always suffers. Notes are dropped, muddled and lost in my attempts, because the beat is explicitly designed to be played with one hand suitably trained to do the work on its own.

Kudos to the man for the hours put in even though he still sucks for showing me up so badly. LOL